Shine for the right reasons!

The feeling of greasy skin through the day can really get you down but with a few simple steps you can help reduce excess oil, allowing you to shine for the right reasons!

Shine for the right reasons!

Tip 1 – Cleanse, Cleanse, Cleanse!

Use a cleanser that contains salicylic acid morning and night. Make sure you target your T-Zone area as oil build up is most common here!

Tip 2 – Powder is a girl’s best friend

The best make-up for oily skin is one that is a powder or mineral-based. Try and choose a make-up that is oil-free and ‘non-comedogenic’, this means it won’t clog your pores! Remember it’s important to remove your make-up every night to unclog pores. CLEAN & CLEAR® Daily Exfoliating Wash Contains natural exfoliators to remove dirt, oil and dead skin cells from pores and help prevent spots and breakouts.​

Tip 3 – Moisturising Myths

Some people believe oily skin doesn’t need moisturising but it’s just not true! Nourish your skin with an oil-free, light moisturiser to help hydrate and protect your skin. We recommend applying a moisturiser after cleansing, starting with your cheeks first and then work outwards.

For more information on tackling blackheads and spots and general skin care tips from real girls visit the CLEAN & CLEAR® YouTube channel.