we all get spots from time to time.

What are spots?

Spots, breakouts, pimples, zits… whatever you call them, we all get them from time to time. But what are spots really and why do we get them? Spots develop when your skin produces too much oil (known as ‘sebum’) which gets trapped in your pores by a build-up of dead skin cells and/or dirt. Everyone naturally produces a certain amount of oil to help keep skin healthy. However, at certain times in our lives, especially when we’re going through hormonal changes like puberty, over production of oil is very common, often leading to oily skin and breakouts of spots or blackheads.

Spots (whiteheads and blackheads) are really common. In fact around 80% of teenagers get them so you’re not alone!* They can be prevented by using face washes and gel products such as those available in the CLEAN & CLEAR® ADVANTAGE® range.

However, if your spots are particularly swollen, red and painful, you might be suffering from acne. Acne can be difficult to treat and often you might need special medication prescribed by your doctor. If you’re concerned that you may have acne, it’s best to go make an appointment with to your GP to discuss the options for treatment.