Know the fact from the fiction!

Clear skin myth buster

Does eating chocolate and greasy food give you spots? Are blackheads due to not washing your face? Can I put toothpaste on my face to treat a spot? Read more to find out the truth behind spot myths and make sure you are savvy in knowing how to get rid of spots.

Top 8 Myths about Spots

Take a look at the top 10 most common spot myths so you know the facts from the fiction!

1. Chocolate and Greasy Food causes spots

 – This is untrue however eating a balanced diet and keeping hydrated by drinking lots of water throughout the day will help to keep your skin looking and feeling healthy.

2. Wearing make-up causes spots

 – There is no evidence to suggest that make-up causes spots however every time you touch your face bacteria can be spread. We suggest you wash your hands before applying your make-up to help to prevent spreading bacteria and in the evening using CLEAN & CLEAR®Daily Deep Cleansing Sensitive Lotion  for clean, soft and nourished skin in one easy step.

3. Toothpaste helps to reduce spots

 – This is a myth! Putting toothpaste on your spots will simply make your skin dry. It is best to stick to products with active spot-fighting ingredients such as any of our products within the Advantage range.

4. Oily skin does not need moisturising

 – This is a myth! Your skin still needs hydrating and nourishing even if it is oily. Go for a moisturiser with an oil-free formula, we recommend using the CLEAN & CLEAR® Dual Action Moisturiser which we help to leave your skin soft without clogging pores.

5. Staying in the sun will help to reduce your spots

 – This is false! Too much time in the sun can cause more oil sebum production on the skin actually making your skin worse.

6. Only teenagers get spots

 – This is a myth! Spots do not have an age limit and adults can be prone to getting spots at any age.

7. Picking a spot will make it go away

 – Untrue again! Spending hours squeezing it in front of the mirror and trying to get the goop out of the spot may actually take the skin longer to heal and all that picking can spread bacteria making it easier for more spots to form.

8. Spots happen overnight

 – This is false! We all know some days you wake up and a spot has appeared on your face. It may have surfaced overnight, but the spot would have been in the making for a while, from excess dead skin cells clogging the pores to the overproduction of sebum oil a spot will eventually form on the skin. It is important to help to prevent a spot from surfacing by using a daily exfoliator such as CLEAN & CLEAR® Exfoliating Daily Wash to help to remove excess dirt and dead skin cells.

For more information on how to get rid of spots, ways to banish blackheads and how to manage sensitive skin, take a look at our Skin Tips & Tricks for all the advice you may need to help you onto the way to clearer skin from Day 1.